ELAD Systems

ELAD® is an investigational extracorporeal human hepatic cell-based liver treatment designed to improve survival in patients with liver failure by providing hepatic support continuously for up to 5 days. [ CLICK HERE ]

ELAD Systems

A Phase 3 Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis Study

The VTL-308 clinical trial is seeking referrals of potential study subjects who are under age 50, diagnosed and hospitalized with acute alcoholic hepatitis (AAH) associated with recent alcohol consumption, have an elevated bilirubin level, are not intubated and have no evidence of secondary organ failure.

Eligible study subjects will be randomized 1:1 to receive either standard of care treatment plus treatment with the ELAD® System or standard of care treatment alone. ELAD® is an investigational extracorporeal, human cell-based liver support system designed with the proposed intent to supplement hepatic function in order to improve survival rates among subjects with liver failure. Qualifying patients may be transferred to a medical center where this study treatment is available. [ CLICK HERE ]

Patients who wish to participate will only receive study-related care for this episode of AAH for up to 91 days after enrollment. They will be advised and encouraged to continue routine and further follow-up care with their existing physician(s). [ MORE INFO ]